Show me the money! Best paying jobs in Idaho

Where are the Best Paying Jobs In Idaho?

Everyone wants to find the right job at the right salary. Idaho is a GREAT place to start. The cost living is significantly lower throughout the state on average than the rest of the country. What does that mean? It means your dollars go further than they will elsewhere! Household income is a key indicator of where the best paying jobs in Idaho are found. We reviewed the largest cities in Idaho and compared them to their median household incomes.

Boise – $55, 775

Meridian – $54,790

Nampa  $36,881

Idaho Falls– $45,031

Pocatello– $36,367

Caldwell– $35,257

Coeur d’Alene– $35,609

Twin Falls-$41,880

Lewiston– $36,693

The Western Idaho Cities focused around the Boise area include the Highest Median Household incomes in the State

Many of the best paying jobs are in and around the City of Boise. Most of the largest companies are clustered around the area. Some of the most popular places to work in the Boise area include:

Great Jobs In Eastern Idaho

However, there are more areas in the state with good paying jobs. For example in Eastern Idaho, the city of Ammon comes in third in the state with a median household income of $61,725. Ammon is adjacent to the city of Idaho Falls. This area of the state includes a majority of the work force from the Idaho Nuclear Energy Laboratories. There are many scientists working as research contractors on government sponsored projects relating to energy. Also, Budweiser has a state of the art brewing plant in Idaho Falls with good jobs and good benefits. Eastern Idaho is also the home of the richest man in Idaho, Frank Vandersloot, the founder and CEO of Melaluca Inc. This company manufactures and distributes nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, and household cleaning products.  Melaluca generates one billion dollars in annual sales providing some of the best paying jobs in Idaho.

The eastern side of Idaho is also the dropping off point for two of our nations most popular National Parks. Yellowstone Park is a well know tourist attraction known for its wildlife and active geyser basin. Fly fishing here is also world renown on the Madison River and Yellowstone Lake. Right next door is the Teton National Park and the world famous resort town of Jackson Hole Wyoming. The millions of tourists traveling to these parks generally drive through Idaho Falls and Ammon creating the need for goods and services. These jobs are often seasonal yet the vendors create many good paying jobs.

What About Jobs in Northern Idaho?

Hayden, Post Falls, and Coeur d’Alene are the cities in Northern Idaho with the highest median house hold incomes. The median house hold income for these three cities ranges from $56,386 to $43,033. These cities in Kootenai County have a strong employment base on government jobs, healthcare, call centers, and tourism. The Ceour d’Alene Tribe built a resort/casino in north Idaho and the privately owned Silverwood theme park have established this area a strong tourist destination.

Idaho’s Diversified Employment Base Provides Stability for the Best Jobs in Idaho

Idaho is an agriculture state famous for its baked potatoes. However, wheat, barley, mint and beef are also big segments of agriculture in Idaho. In fact, this industry provides 20.6 billion dollars in sales annually to the economy. There are approximately 68,000 good jobs in the agribusiness spread across the state. When added to the jobs in technology, government, healthcare, universities, school districts, courts, breweries, sales of goods and services and tourism Idaho is a great place to get a job and live and work and play.

Source: Idaho Median Household Income by City