Friday Food! 5 Best Places To Grab A Bite On Your Lunch Hour In….Downtown Boise

Downtown Boise has become a great place to live, work, and network. For people who have jobs in Boise it is always good to find a popular place to have lunch and network with professionals. Friday lunches are usually a little more relaxed. The week is done and employers are often more flexible. However, your time is very valuable and so is your money. Downtown Boise is also a mecca for corporate and government jobs in Boise. Accordingly, having lunch at the right places in Boise gives you an opportunity to network for your next job.

For my search for the top five places to have lunch in Downtown Boise I turned to my own experience and Yelp. Accordingly, I realized this is going to be harder now than it was even a year ago. New places have opened and are giving patrons many more choices.

Bleubird Sandwich Shop

There are plenty of interesting people to meet while waiting in line at Bleubird. Located at 224 N. 10th street it is a convenient walk from anywhere in the downtown district. The reviews are overwhelmingly good. The sandwiches are unique, the sodas are original, and the servers are very friendly. Because the reputation is so positive it is the place to eat. Meaning, of course, CEO’s are stopping in along with the entourage that follows. This is the place to have a great sandwich and socialize. You can invite your friends and meet new people and not break the bank.


The Fork receives outstanding reviews for food, service, and ambiance. I think whenever you take a friend or business associate to lunch the greeting from the wait staff is so very important. It can set the tone for the rest of the meal. Fork is known for their friendly bar and servers. They also highlight Idaho, trout and local produce. Consider the Fork for a place to meet people and enjoy a good lunch. Located at 199 N eight street.

The Basque Market

The Basque culture and food are integrated into the texture of Boise. Having a job in Boise gives you the added experience of enjoying Basque dining experiences in the Basque district. The Basque Market provides authentic basque fair. The staff enjoy making recommendations so if your not familiar with basque food they will help you with a selection. The market has limited seating but they open at 10:AM so go for an early lunch. They also have outdoor seating when the weather permits. They are located at 608 W Grove street in the heart of the Basque Historic District.


People who know Boise and dine in Boise have experienced Bardenay. All you have to say is let’s have lunch at Bardenay and your guest will not decline. This is a place with a great atmosphere, experienced wait staff, and plenty of micro brews. Just ask, everyone knows where it is located. Working there is one of the good jobs in Boise to network and get to know Boise’s movers and shakers. The owners are well grounded in the Boise culture. Look around while enjoying your lunch. You are in the same room with current and future leaders of the city.

Andy’s Deli

Located at the Corner of 9th and Idaho Andy’s is a true sandwich deli shop in the heart of downtown Boise. The owners take your order and remember your name. The sandwiches are delicious and affordable. This is true deli style so it is not fancy just good food. This is one of those downtown lunch places that if you have not been there you are the list of those who will eventually eat there. If you have a job in downtown Boise and go out for lunch you will find a sandwich you like and become a regular. This is a fun place to talk about around the water cooler on a Friday after lunch.


Boise, Idaho has become a great place to live and work. Accordingly, with growth has come more jobs in Boise’s market area. However, with the number of new and interesting places to eat in the downtown area more people want to work in the heart of the capital city. Downtown is the center of state, county and city government employment. Add to that the banks, CPA offices, Law firms and corporate offices there a lot people looking for entertainment and good food. In this way Boise has arrived.