Dressing Your Resume for Jobs in Idaho – Creating Resumes That Work

Finding Your Dream Job in Idaho

Jobs in Idaho come with the benefit of living near great, outdoor adventures! Idaho has some exciting, white water rafting in Hells Canyon as well as the Lewis and Clark Expedition following the Snake River Plain. You will be near Yellowstone National Park and the Owyhee River, the Salmon River, Lochsa River, and Payette River. In your job in Idaho, you’ll also experience year round adventure, with the many amazing ski resorts, campgrounds, hiking and biking trails and our 199 lakes! If you’re looking for outdoor adventure, along with fresh air to breath and open spaces to enjoy, Idaho is the place you’ll want to live!

Communicating Your Personal Branding

To attain that dream job, you’ll want to have a resume that stands out! Your resume represents you; your brand. What stands out about your work experience? Where have you excelled? What abilities have you learned that brand you as someone qualified for the job you’re seeking? This gives your potential employer an idea of who you are as well as how you act and how well you work. Just about everything that causes you to want to buy from a corporate brand also applies to your brand.

For instance, if you are applying for a leadership or management position, you wouldn’t want to emphasize your ability to “go with the flow.” Just as businesses do market research to find out what people like and what people want to buy, you are doing the same if you want to get a job in Idaho. You are selling the brand or idea of yourself to the person hiring you. Accordingly, Idahojobhunt.com is compiling information regarding companies in Idaho that are growing, recruiting and want to hire accomplished people who also fit their brand.

Writing a Resume to Capture the Employer’s Attention

First, imagine that you have twenty words to capture the attention of the recruiter. What is your most significant accomplishment that made money for a business? Did you invent something? Have you managed the introduction of a system that saved the company money? Maybe it was your idea and the company used it successfully. What accomplishment screams you are so valuable and interesting that the recruiter wants to meet you right now? Spend most of your time writing and rewriting this short story about you.

Second, add to your list of accomplishments the experiences you had where you were the team leader or you made a significant contribution to the team. As you state your accomplishments, include an impact statement of how your work, idea or accomplishment had a positive impact on the company. What difference did it make financially for the company? You can project the impact your accomplishments are going to have, into the future for several years. Keep most of your accomplishments centered around the job you want. You will also want to explain how your success at a given accomplished, will impact the success you will have at the job you’re applying for.

Well-Documented Job History

Third, is a list of your job history. The reader is going to skim this section pretty fast. Do your best to highlight jobs that show you have the relevant experience that will benefit their company. This could include knowledge of processes and systems that will be important in your new job. Be sure to go through the required and desired technical experience that the job post has listed and emphasize examples of when and how you have met or exceeded these requirements.

Reviewing Your Education

Next, review your education, both formal and on the job training. Include a statement of how your education has increased your ability to succeed at the tasks required for the job you are seeking. Include an accomplishment during your educational period that sets you apart. For instance, did you qualify for a scholarship? Did you graduate with honors? Are you continuing your education and in what form?

The Skills You Can Offer

A skills list is important! How many languages do your speak? What are your software skills? Are you a software coder? What tools have you mastered in speaking, communicating and writing? Have you been published? Do you have a professional blog? What are your skills in the construction industry? Continually, think of how your skills will help you excel at the job you want and practice how you would respond to questions regarding those skills, either through a portfolio of your work or examples of how you used those skills.

A Last Word on Writing a Resume

So, you want the adventure and joy a job in Idaho can bring you? Place yourself in the mind of the recruiter or manager hiring you. Their job depends on hiring someone who will come in and contribute very quickly to the financial success and the brand of work ethic for the company. They need good information from the very beginning, all the way through to the end of your resume. Have two or three professionals review your resume for grammar and content. Spend some time editing and rewriting to make sure you are portraying yourself accurately. This will be your job, for now, to make every word in every sentence define who you are and what you can do. And soon, you’ll find yourself with a job in Idaho, coming home each day to enjoy the beautiful outdoors!