Looking for A Dream Job? Check out the “Best Jobs In Pocatello”

 Best Jobs in Pocatello

Many Jobs in Pocatello are connected to the vast agricultural resources in the area. For example, there are opportunities to work as a general laborer to advancing as a farm manager. Also, consider that the JR Simplot company owns a large fertilizer manufacturing facility in Pocatello with approximately 350 employees. The Simplot company also owns and operates farms and ranches in the area.

Government Jobs in Pocatell0

Also important are the Jobs at Idaho State University. It takes close to 4000 people to teach, administer and operate this important institution. ISU operates a School of Pharmacy and a School of Nursing as part of their curriculum. Working at the university provides an opportunity to have one of the best jobs in Pocatello. Consider the benfists of working for the State of Idaho. The retirement benefits and health insurance are an important reason to seek employment there.

Medical Jobs in Pocatello


Pocatello is home to a significant regional medical facility. Also, it is important to note that the large agricultural base in the area requires Pocatello to be the urban center.  Accordingly, Portneuf Medical Center is the Level II Trauma Center. This regional medical facility includes over 1100 medical professionals and staff making it one of the largest employers in the city. Likewise, jobs in the medical industry pay well and provide good benefits.

Included in the medical jobs in Pocatello is a new Veterans Administration Clinic. This is an important facility serving the veterans in Eastern Idaho. Like wise, the city is home to private clinics and health care facilities providing more good opportunities for employment in the area.

More Jobs in Education

Education is a significant industry in all areas of the country. School districts hire teachers, administrators, technical support, and maintenance workers. These jobs are supported by local and federal taxes. Accordingly, the jobs are secure as long as the local economy is steady. In this case Bannock County School District #25 employees approximately 1700 people.


These are some of the good paying jobs in Pocatello. As an urban center major retailers are also represented in Pocatello. Accordingly, grocery chains, home improvement centers, electronics outlets, and departments stores are also good opportunities for jobs in the area. Likewise, the national parks, rivers, lakes, and mountains in the area provide a great out door lifestyle to go along with the good jobs in Pocatello.